This is the follow up to the bands debut album Fountain of Truth (2020), as the duo explore time travel. Set somewhere in the dystopian 1970s of the nuclear apocalypse, part ‘Sapphire and Steel’, part The Survivors’ which post pandemic feels sadly all too real with echoes of not only our childhood but potentially incredibly our future… It is a re-imagining of today from a mid 70s viewpoint…

Andreas & The Wolf Sci-Fi for your hi-fi album cover


Renowned and keenly followed through their radio show, alt-electronic duo ANDREAS & THE WOLF return to their creative and just as eagerly embraced musical project with a new album. Set for release February 2023 through PERFECT POP CO-OP, Sci-Fi for your Hi-Fi is an adventure in sound and imagery for ears and imagination alike, a release to immerse in whilst giving the body an infectious workout. If you want to buy the full album, visit our bandcamp…

The band consists of Andreas Vanderbraindrain and BWolf, the pair having played together across a host of bands including THE SCRATCH, THE DODO, THE BLEEED, REVERSE FAMILY and THE TUESDAY CLUB. Their DJ exploits began on Recharged Radio’s Sound of the Suburbs show before moving to The Tuesday Club’s – Club Foot podcast which ran until 2015. Three years later they were back with their own radio show and subsequently reignited their creative musical partnership with the first ANDREAS & THE WOLF EP, Fashion Wheel, a well-received outing released in 2020 which was followed a handful of months after by the pair’s acclaimed debut album, Fountain of Truth.

This past October saw the band make its live debut at The Perfect Pop Co-Op first Annual review party, its line-up growing for the venture with the addition of guitarist Dave Beans and backing vocalist Tiggy Pop. Their addition aligned to an expansion in the band’s electronica bred sound, a fresh and inventive evolution revealing its rich fertility within Sci-Fi for your Hi-Fi. It is a record aligning 70s sci-fi inspired lyrical contemplation, thoughts set in that time looking forward to the future we have since experienced with a sound merging similarly nostalgic hues from the same seventies/eighties period with the band’s individually modern imagination. It is a release wrapped in shadows, emotively and in electronic breath, yet equally the host of tracks which are keenly pop catchy for bodies and dancefloors.

Evil Breeze kicks the release off, the track immediately imposing on but inviting the sense with its resonating rhythmic pulse, a potent invitation even more persuasive as darkwave nurtured clouds descended with magnetic enticement.  Ambience and post punk breed its climate, orchestral and synth pop instincts its design around Andreas’ evocative tones, the track swiftly pulled us in.

The design of the track is a template of sorts for the whole collection, but a seed to perpetual individuality amongst them with the following Assingment a vehicle of creative espionage as again shadows and crepuscular tones unite in another contagion loaded nagging proposal. Musically the song is like a stroll across an autumn blessed landscape, light and dark essences revolving like a kaleidoscope within an eerie landscape, its emotive prowess similarly multi-textured.

I Never Read Your Books has an eighties synth pop breeding to its saunter, bands like Blancmange and OMD coming to mind as it weaves its bright but slightly dystopian presence while The Void plays out like a krautrock inspired Fad Gadget meets John Foxx in air but unsurprisingly is soon transported into the duo’s own unique webs of intimation and imagination, the track pushing and stretching both with every passing minute.

Just as every listen to Sci-Fi for your Hi-Fi unveiled new aspects and greater captivation for us so its songs inspired new adventures or twists in existing tales within our imaginations, next up Empothoria with its bubbling electronics and chilled mists evidence with its otherworldly revealing, intimate and imaginative, continuing to evoke new thoughts and pleasure with every play.

Similarly, Sundehade City is like a painting, every listen adding new layers, often only subtle but always potent, to the tale in word and sound. The siren-esque companionship of Tiggy Pop equally brings a variety of tempting and harmonic against Andreas’ more playful punk instinct delivery before the mellower but equally eventful VAXX (Acidic) almost trespassed the senses such the power and suggestion of its IDM scented drama.

Across the electro symphony of Disco Biscuits another wave of adventure and variety blossoms with More Faith and less Imagination adding its downtempo meets space disco captivation to the eclecticism. It has to be said though, that though Sci-Fi for your Hi-Fi is an electronic imagination there is a punk essence to many tracks and the breath of the record, though album closing You’re A Cult is simply synth pop beauty around and with the virulent serenade of Andreas and Miss Pop.

It is an addictive end to one seriously captivating release; an encounter which certainly reeled us in first time around but truly seduced and pulled us in deeper by the listen and one any electronic music fan should consider embracing.

Sci-Fi for your Hi-Fi is released February 3rd 2023 upon Perfect Pop Co-Op.

Pete RingMaster 07/12/2022
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Evil Breeze  04.57
Assignment 2 06:56
Never Read Your Books 05:04
The Void 06:04
Empothoria 05:37
Sunshade City 03:20
VAXX (Acidic) 05:30
More Faith and Less Imagination 03:12
You’re a Cult 03:08

All music written and recorded by Andreas & The Wolf. Mastered by Steve Honest.