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Faction Structure

“How to describe the project’s sound?  Old wave disco-rock has been used but truly it is a boldly individual amalgam of flavours past, present and newly imagined. It is art pop, post punk, experimental punk, avant-new wave…the list could continue but what emerges is a character of invention and breath of sound purely Faction Structure.” […]

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Reverse Family

Introducing Reverse Family Ever had that dream where an insect invades the ear and sets up home to mercilessly tease and torment thereon in? If so, a form of similar reality is about to be unleashed as the Reverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. […]

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The Tuesday Club

Social media sites and reviews A BIG thanks to Pete Ringmaster of another of his excellent reviews. This time of The Tuesday Club 3rd album – Art is Magic Trials and turbulences are no strangers to most bands but few as acute as that which impacted on British outfit The Tuesday Club and almost brought it […]

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