Perfect Pop Co-Op

The Dodo

The Saint Albans band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Andy Scratch, guitarist Steve Filth, and bassist/keyboardist/drummer John Viney, creates a psych pop adventure with a great scent of darker punk blues to it. A thrilling slow tease with a southern bred air caressing the imagination like a mix of John Otway and a Bowie inspired Wedding Present.

Pete Ringmaster

The D.O.D.O’s debut album sounds more like a the soundtrack to Saint-Saens carnival of the animals transported to a lost autumn somewhere in a darker, richer, swinging 60’s… the 1860’s that is. Harpsichord, strings, bells, and tormented otherwordly backing vocals provide the backdrop to this feast of psychedelic melancholia laid bare to inspire and unhinge in equal measure. From the soaring yet forbidding, puritanical drama of the ‘Beck meets Judge Dread’ – ‘I am the Purist’, the bleak, wailing, death mask procession of ‘Into the Black’, the 60’s apple blossom infused cold war time bomb – ‘Waiting for the walls to come down’ to the deliciously sorrowful ode to wasted youth – ‘Tin Foil Crown’. The DIY or DIE Organisation sound like a ghostly ice-cream van stalking the neighbourhoods of the as yet unwritten Tim Burton animation… ‘Gothic Pop Victoriana’.


The DIY or DIE Organisation
Digitally released November 29, 2016 on Perfect Pop Co-Op
Waiting for the walls to come down02:49
Glue 02:41
Into the black 04:27
The Purest 02:54
Tinfoil Crown 03:19
Tripee 03:03
Life is so much harder these days 02:03
Department store floors 02:21
Just a game 04:50
Tinfoil reprise 00:53
My little eye 03:09