Christmas is all about giving so how about giving yourself a late gift of pleasure courtesy of THE TUESDAY CLUB. The British miscreants are releasing a new album on December 30th and all we can say before getting in details is that for all their fans and beyond it is a must.


Bootleg!, the perfect late Christmas treat and ideal soundtrack for your New Year party uproars but more so a record to surely put THE TUESDAY CLUB on more far reaching musical maps. To buy the full album, visit our bandcamp… thetuesdayclub.bootleg

Bootleg!! is a straight live recording of the band’s core 30 minute set, the heart of their mischief pre and post-Covid pandemic. The record is also a celebration of a decade of THE TUESDAY CLUB, well actually eleven years, an extra year added due to the pandemic’s interference though we think maybe they have been having so much fun that they lost track of time. Anyway, it is a rampant recording of the band’s art punk sound and impish songwriting and indeed its devilish delivery in craft and live energy; maybe of all their releases the one which stamps down in one go how it is criminal the way they have yet to receive the broadest recognition, though to be honest with their irrepressible English sound I think they kind of love the local cult legends tag that acclaim has brought them.

The recording sees guitarist/vocalist Andreas Vanderbraindrain and vocalist The Minx in mischievous mood, guitarists J-Rod and Wasabi with nostrils flared, and the rhythms section of bassist Rogerio Marauder and drummer Blairski rampantly nagging across the nine track set and it all starts with Harsh Tales of Ancient News.

One of the many delights to THE TUESDAY CLUB sound is a ‘dare you to have fun’ essence and no better a tease than within the opener. From its first breath, the song is an invitation to fun with jabbing rhythms leading the persuasion, they being quickly joined by a lure of bass and The Minx’s equally devilish coercion of ears and involvement. Firmly in its playful stroll, Vanderbraindrain becomes another orchestrator of prankish endeavour, his tones swinging from the jangling lines of guitar.

The track is the perfect start, a song epitomising the band’s sound and another of its traits, viral infectiousness. In many ways its design is the template to all tracks which is then crafted with perpetual individuality as proven by the following pair of Always take things for too Far and Human Inhuman Being. The first is bred in the instinctive punk rock heart of the band, its raucous holler unbridled but embraced by an artful construction of invention and catchiness. Similarly, its successor has that seventies breeding to its untamed exploits and attitude, the band’s inherent poppiness only adding to its virulent persuasion for a proposition which easily sits alongside offerings from classic punk tracks back in the day and the old school seeded gems of the now.

Let the Kids Run The Country saunters in on another personal instinct enslaving bassline, the crash of percussion and guitars soon after the canvas for subsequent hooks and vocal misbehaviour. It all proved inescapable incitement for one’s own  physical collusion, another aspect to THE TUESDAY CLUB which has been irrepressible from pretty much day one.

The album is a coming together of every potent and irresistible aspect of the band; a kind of best off celebration for fans of song and live prowess and a rousing way in for new fans who we can only imagine succumbing to the nagging wiles of the ever delicious Hand of God and Redemption Song with its similarly persistent trespass and anthemic contagion. Both tracks offer webs of lively hooks and animated vocals, it all embraced by a rhythmic and sonic dexterity primed for fun and infectiousness.

My Consciousness shows the instinctive pop rock fertility within a sound which has and continues to evolve by the year, but a growth and exploration which has never diminished THE TUESDAY CLUB uniqueness and rascality, here in particular a Piranhas-esque carry-on is embraced and in turn greedily consumed.

The final two tracks more than keep the party going, Old before your time with its steely bassline and pugnacious gait first up. One of our all-time band favourites, the addiction urging song resonates with the band’s quintessential punk Englishness while suggesting and sharing similar inspirations to the band’s character beyond the world of music while All You Do is Wow! is simply high octane punk ‘n’ roll bred and uncaged in a manner and prowess belonging only to one band.

Produced by Steve HonestBootleg! is released on December 30th, 2022 on PERFECT POP CO-OP and will be available through the label, the Tuesday Club Bandcamp page and all other digi outlets from release day.    

© Pete RingMaster 06/12/2022

Harsh Tales of Ancient News 03:06
Always Take Things Far too Far 04:04
Human In Human Being 02:57
Let the Kids Run The Country 03:09
Hand of God 03:21
Redemption Song 04:18
My Consciousness 03:54
Old Before your Time? 02:57
All You Do is Wow! 04:12

Recorded at National Sound Studios Milton keynes